The Concept

Why the project helps our clients become market leaders

We create a unique e-commerce project for the equestrian market. We offer our clients a powerful e-commerce platform, which we customize according to their wishes for free. It allows launching powerful online horse tack shop with minimal time and cost. We also propose to take advantage of the possible cooperation with other participants and using our additional services to support their business.

Shopping online is a mainstream activity all over the world today. People prefer to order clothes, shoes, and other products from both – budget and premium brands online instead of conventional shopping. To purchase horse equipment, the online market segment here is still open for competition. However, creating a website is not enough to become an absolute leader in your country. Online shopping nowadays is a whole culture, which includes a broad range of website features, an interesting and advantageous loyalty program, excellent customer support service, interacting on social media, a well-thought-out advertising strategy, etc. The high-quality fulfillment of these tasks is a challenge, and that is where we offer you our help.

Our clients can take advantage of the global market. The assortment of each shop can include all offers from its own stock, as well as selected products from other partners. So the buyer is offered the goods from the client’s stock, as it is additionally advertised, and has a more advantageous position and better delivery conditions. But if the buyer cannot find the product they need, they can order it from a different stock. Thus, the buyer finds what they need and their loyalty to the store increases, and the partner receives a commission for the goods sold. Using this feature remains at the client’s discretion.

In addition, the client can use the support of our team for free or on a fee basis. They can receive advice from our marketing manager or order a full online marketing strategy, use content manager services on the outsourced basis, and of course, always have free support for any website issues.

Business cooperation with the clients in the one industry only gives our clients certain advantages against ordinary e-commerce CMS. At first, many settings that are needed for horse tack shop are customized by default and doesn’t take any client’s time and money. At second, it allows mutually beneficial cooperation between clients within the platform. And at third, it helps us to develop unified marketing tools which are effective for each client.