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Product filters, one-page checkout, user dashboard, product option selection, multiple shipping and payment options, wish list, recently viewed and compare products, SEO, related products, cross-sales and up-sells, contact form, brands pages, bundle and group products, invoices, order history with status updates, transaction emails, support, cooperation with other members, 100% ready-to-use, unlimited number of products and customers, additional services on outsource basis, free 30 days trial.




All basic features plus loyalty program, promo codes, gift cards, facebook and google authorization, trigger emails, images watermarks, advanced search, google maps, advanced SEO, personal technical and marketing assistant, hosting services discount, multi-languages and multi-currencies, synchronization with client’s database, unlimited number of admin users.




All pro features plus free hosting, online chat, website administration, SMM support, SEO support, E-mail marketing, advertising, exclusive rights within one region.

Some Website Features

The unique loyalty program developed by us is created to solve a number of tasks to increase sales.

The motivation for repeated purchases

As our main target audience is people engaged in regular horse-riding, our bonus program is designed to stimulate repeated purchases in our store. Making purchases and completing other actions, buyers get bonus points that they can use at the time of following orders. A psychologically-important aspect is that bonuses are nominated, not in percentage, but in money, and this offers an additional incentive to use them, namely, in repeated purchases. The specificity of the program is that from the moment of registration of the user on the site, there are always bonus points on their account, and it means that this motivation is relevant at any time.

Increasing brand loyalty

Bonus points received by customers, among other things, are gifts. They receive these gifts both from simple purchases, and from certain events (for example, on the date of their birthday), or as prizes for certain contests, promotions, etc.

Advertising in social networks

Advertising our brand on social networks is one of the ways in which a customer can get an extra bonus. This acts as a positive feedback (the recommendation in itself means a there was a positive experience with the store), advertisement, as well as user’s involvement into communication with the store. In this case, the price of such advertisement is relatively low, given its efficiency.

We do a manual website customization for every client according to the preferences they choose. That means that the customer receives the online shop that they can use without any type of development from their side.

The high quality of the Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for any e-commerce project because search engines are certainly the main source of traffic and conversions.

Our platform has a good internal optimization for search engines. The client can use SEO methods such as meta-tags optimization, cross-linking, sitemaps, rich data, etc.

The online store has a wide range of technical capabilities to carry out various promotions:

  • Product discounts which can be set for a certain period of time, for certain conditions
  • Cart discounts which can be set on any product combination in the cart
  • Promotional codes
  • Bonus points

All these opportunities are customized for each client and will give way to conducting truly unique and effective promotions.

Given that our concept envisages the availability of a large range of goods in the online store, it is extremely important to create a convenient navigation and search system for every buyer to easily find all products they need. Therefore, in addition to a clear structure and good search engine, we have developed a well-designed product filtering system that takes into account all their main characteristics.

In addition to standard filters such as color, size, or brand, we apply a large number of exclusive horse tack attributes. There are over 40 of them; however, additional attributes can be created on the client’s request.

An important element of email marketing is to set up a system of trigger emails that are automatically sent when a specific event occurs. In addition to standard emailing lists, such as order confirmation, you can use a number of extra ones, for example:

  • Abandoned basket email
  • Amount of bonuses reminder
  • Wishlist reminder
  • Birthday congratulations
  • “Miss you” emails, etc.

The possibility of purchasing a gift card by the buyer for any amount that can be issued both in paper and electronic form. In addition, the certificate holder can apply it automatically while making an order.

Allows the customer to sign up in the website quick and easily with their Facebook or Google account.

Maximal interaction with the customers helps to increase their loyalty. There’s a section dedicated to horse lovers. Everyone can send a story of their own, which will be corrected by the editor and published on the website.

A standard referral program gives users the opportunity to receive bonuses for purchases for their referrals. In this case, the bonus is paid only if a new customer has made purchases for a certain amount. Each member of the referral program receives a unique link to attract customers to the store.

To enhance the cross-sell effect, we have created a separate section to select groups of products (sets) by consultants. The customer can receive a discount for purchasing all the goods in the group.

The client can have an unlimited number of products, sales, website loads, customers, website languages, and currencies – the pricing plans will always be the same.

Some Additional Services

Nowadays there are a great number of marketing tools on the market and their efficiency is changing. Retailers often need tips on their use, but marketing agencies’ services are expensive.

Our clients are provided with a personal marketing manager who can advise them on any digital marketing strategy: SEO, SMM, Messengers, Email marketing.

Effective Social Media Marketing strategy is extremely important for the retailers, especially on markets like equestrian goods because of a sustainable community of horse people. This strategy should be elaborate and holistic. On one hand, social media content should entertain and involve users. But on the other, it should motivate them to make purchases.

Besides SMM advice, we provide services for social media management. We coordinate the marketing strategy and create and post content on your social pages. Depending on the number of social media and frequency of publications, this service costs from 49 to 149 Euro per month. For our clients on our “partnership” scheme, this service is for free.

The Email marketing strategy consists of two elements: trigger e-mails and newsletters.

The website settings allow the creation of lots of triggers for sending emails. We advise on how to set them up in a better way (for free) or we can create and realize the trigger email strategy for the client (for a fee on “Basic” and “Pro” schemes and for free on the “Partnership” scheme).

The website also has the newsletter subscription feature, which can be synchronized with external mailing services (MailChimp, for example). We also can create an effective newsletter for you – with the monthly fee on “Basic” and “Pro” schemes or for free on the “Partnership” scheme.

Messengers are one of the most dynamically-developing elements of Internet marketing. They do not currently allow attracting as large audiences as social networks, but they do provide a much better interaction with participants of these audiences.

At the moment, we actively use the Telegram messenger while carefully monitoring the new capabilities of other messengers that can be used to promote our products. And we help our clients to use this tool.

Our clients can reduce their costs for adding new products to the shop by outsourcing our content managers.

In our advertising strategy, we actively use the indirect advertising of the store. Taking advantage of the fact that our potential customers usually belong to a quite stable community, we publish materials that are interesting to the community to make them loyal to our resource. We created a “Horspace” project that publishes viral content of the likes of BuzzFeed or boredpanda.

This project has 2 main objectives:

  1. Creating an audience to advertise the main project (store) on social networks and search engines
  2. Direct advertising of the store on the project pages as publications or banners.

The project can be used by our clients on “Partnership” scheme.