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For wholesalers

This is an e-commerce solution for horse tack retailers. The idea is simple: we offer retailers to have their own online shop not paying for its development, but having the monthly subscription fee instead. Development, maintenance and some website administration tasks are included in the tariff; content management and marketing tasks are performing as outsource. Thus our aim is to provide a full range of services for horse tack shops online.

All retailers are connected to one network, where they can cooperate with manufacturers and wholesalers. It means that products of everyone who sells horse tack b2b can be presented in Horsense network and retailers have the possibility to publish them on their online shops just in few clicks. Conditions of cooperation between sellers and retailers are set by the seller. Horsense can just help them in their cooperation by making the process of products searching and publishing easier for the retailer. Or it can be b2b or even a dropshipping platform: retailers can sell products from the manufacturer or wholesaler stock.

Horsense gives retailers more reasons to buy products, which are presented in the Horsense database. Retailers have access to them from the admin panel of their shop and they can become visible for their clients in minutes. If certain retailer already cooperates with the wholesaler, Horsense motivates him to by more from this partner. If not, the service can help wholesalers and retailers find each other. It also opens up opportunities for dropshipping if it matches their business model.

We have different types of cooperation with wholesalers. It can be done according to our standard conditions: participation in Horsense network is free, but service charges the commission for internal transactions. Also, individual conditions are available: for example, building an exclusive network for wholesaler and his retailers for better cooperation between them. We have many ideas on how to improve your business and we’ll be glad to discuss them.