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Our basic pricing plan includes free e-shop setup and customization. Subscription fee is €19.90 per month after 30-days trial is expired. The monthly payment can be increased if extra tools are added to the shop. The client can choose any needed features before the setup or can add/remove any tools to/from his package later.

As an option, we also offer one-time payment pricing plan which includes unlimited free support and maintenance services for our clients.

€ 19.90/mo ~ BASIC SHOP

100% ready-to-use, custom design, hosting services, updates, 24/7 technical support, personal consultant manager, client and admin dashboard, multiple shipping and payment options, new assortment (if needed), new markets (if needed), up to 1000 products, product filters, about us page, brand pages, contact form, related products, cross-sales and up-sells, banners, basic SEO optimisation, newsletter subscription, google analytics & facebook pixel, invoices, GDPR-compliant, wish list, website search, compare products, additional services on outsource basis.

Products extra categorisation

+ €4.90/mo ~ Featured Products

Select chosen products for additional promotion: display them on specified pages and on the main page.

+ €4.90/mo ~ ``New`` Products

Mark certain products as “New” for any period of time and display them on different placing.

+ €9.90/mo ~ Product Sets

Create sets of horse tack products and sell it as a one offer with a discount.


+ €4.90/mo ~ Facebook and Google Sign In

Easy sign up and sign in for your clients using their Facebook or Google accounts.

+ €4.90/mo ~ Instagram Feed

Export latest photos from your Instagram account to the website pages.

+ €19.90/mo ~ Paypal/Klarna/Braintree Integration

Give customers a possibility to pay for their orders within the e-shop.

+ €9.90*-€24.90/mo ~ Product Feed

Export your products just in few clicks to any of popular shopping platforms: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Shopping.com and others.

* – the tool costs €9.90/month in case of cooperation with our partner marketing agency.

Additional content

+ €4.90/mo ~ Google Maps

Point your store on Google Map in the Contacts section.

+ €14.90/mo ~ Blog

Create unlimited info pages with a custom design on your website.


+ €4.90/mo ~ Sales and Discounts

Create great promo campaigns with different discount variations: sales, combination discounts, special offers, buy X get Y promo, discount with the minimum purchase limit etc.

+ €9.90/mo ~ eGift Card

Allow your clients to buy any value eGift cards. The person who receives this card can apply it during the checkout automatically.

+ €0.00*-€9.90/mo ~ Promo Codes

Use promo codes to create individual offers for the customers

* – the tool is free in case of cooperation with our partner marketing agency.

+ €24.90/mo ~ Bonus Program & Referral Program

Let your customers collect bonus points making some actions (buying, writing reviews, having birthdays, etc) for the next purchases. In addition, grant them bonuses for inviting their friends to become your clients.

+ €0.00*-€29.90/mo ~ Follow Up E-mails

Send your clients high-conversion e-mails for specific occasions, for example abandoned cart email, bonuses amount reminder, wishlist reminder, birthday congratulations, “Miss you” emails, etc.

* – the tool is free in case of cooperation with our partner marketing agency.

+ €0.00*-€39.90/mo ~ Improved SEO

Get more possibilities for Search Engine Optimization of your e-shop: meta-tags optimization, cross-linking, sitemaps, rich data will improve your search engines position and increase the organic traffic to your shop.

* – the tool is free in case of cooperation with our partner marketing agency.


+ €14.90/mo ~ Up to 20 Staff Accounts

Have up to 20 (instead of 1 in basic version) staff accounts with different roles for admin, managers, content-managers, etc.

+ €24.90/mo ~ Unlimited Products

Add an unlimited number of products to your store.


+ €9.90/mo ~ Images Watermarks

Protect your product images with your unique watermark.

+ €14.90/mo ~ Multi-Languages

Add up to 5 languages to the website

+ €14.90/mo ~ Multi-Currencies

Add up to 10 currencies to the website

+ Price Negotiable ~ Content Management

We are ready to help you to fill your online shop with products. It can be done manually or exported from your existing database in semi-automatic mode: the variant we choose depends on your current database structure, number of products, etc. The price also depends on these factors: after your database research, we will able to offer you a fixed price or zero-price on condition of a long-term (up to 1 year) contract with horsense.shop.

+ Price Negotiable ~ Other Features

Please send us requests for the needed tools that are not yet in the list and we’ll do our best to implement them.


Our specialists are ready to perform any additional task supporting your online shop
€5.00/hour ~ Content Manager

Add and edit your products

€15.00/hour ~ Website Administrator

Any type of customization which is possible without changing website code

€15.00/hour ~ Designer

Images, banners, unique website elements, etc.

€25.00/hour ~ Developer

Any changes of website code according to your needs.

Price Negotiable ~ Marketer

Branding, promotion, marketing strategy, SMM, SEO etc.