Why Choose Us

Why horse tack shops are using our service

horsense.shop is your reliable partner who will help your horse tack business to grow. If you want to start selling online or improve your current online sales and don’t want to spend too much time/money on high-quality e-shop development, or just reduce your web-shop maintenance cost, here we are to help.
What you get?
  • 100% ready-to-work online shop which is customized by our team according to your requirements;
  • Your e-shop is always improving without additional expenses from your side;
  • As we are working on the equestrian market only, our product meets all the requirements of the industry;
  • Possibility to sell products from other vendors at your online shop and sell your products on other platforms;
  • Access to our additional services like content management or digital marketing.
How much does it cost?
  • We offer 3 different pricing plans. The basic one means you get a ready-to-work online shop almost for free (excluding hosting services). Please check our pricing section for more details.
Why is it so good?
  • Our e-commerce platform is not only a modern design but high-quality technical features like product filters, loyalty program, promo codes, gift cards and many other. We take care of its maintenance and improve you shop constantly.
How does it look?
  • To get an idea of how your online shop will look you can here. But please kindly note that this e-shop is currently being customized.